Work should be more than a way to build financial wealth. A workplace should be designed to be less stressful and more productive. Live work Play Sustain guidelines create office and work environments that encourage creativity, team building, innovation bringing about the best solutions for employees and businesses to succeed. A motivated and healthy workforce not only equates to higher profits but also builds a culture of loyalty and connection to the surrounding community.

LWPS designs buildings in such a way that workers feel better. More connected to nature and in turn more productive. Using modern building techniques such as large energy efficient windows, fresh air ventilation and open floor plans. Special attention is placed on building layout, orientation and use of the surrounding terrain.

By working together in a community individuals develop a sense of identity. They become engaged and passionate about the tasks at hand and problem solving. Creativity is fueled by the LWPS design philosophy. We integrate technology by assuring connectivity to the world is as easy and seamless as possible. Reduce costs by integrating design, production and marketing all within physical reach of each other which allows workers and your business to collaborate in real time with personal one on one connections.

LWPS “Centers” allow businesses with similar goals to integrate in a collaborative effort towards their individual goals. Industries in different markets can now overlap efficiently, working together in a way that increases production for all involved. As a group, smaller companies can incur cheaper building costs, more efficient building performance, shared utility expenses, combined infrastructure, roads, maintenance, trash and storage.

LWPS certified businesses all follow our guidelines and have passed the LWPS certification process.

  • Ownership of work for more heart, gain and satisfaction
  • Avenues for retirement, medical care and financial future
  • Workers as collaborators with one unified goal
  • Building design which allows for creativity
  • Open work spaces integrated with nature