Sustainability is key to our collective future. Resources are limited and materials are not infinite. We as a society must learn to reduce, reuse, recycle, re-imagine and redevelop to ensure sustainability in regards to energy and water usage.

Live | Work | Play | Sustain integrates cutting edge technologies with every plan we make and building we construct. In fact, this awareness is part of the certification process that allows qualified businesses to display the LWPS branding. Our logo represents the philosophy that we can do better.

Our goal is to help communities achieve much greater levels of sustainability. Be it through new technologies, solar, wind, water reclamation, landscaping or environmentally intelligent design. LWPS brings all these ideas together and integrates them in a logical and cost effective manner.

The founder of LWPS has over thirty years of experience in the design and construction field. He understands what extra steps it may take to bring a concept from “get it done fast and cheap” to “get it done well and efficiently”.

Long term benefits of designing and creating sustainable LWPS communities are as follows:

  • Higher quality of life through cleaner air, water and connection with nature
  • Substantially lower legacy costs in regards to energy usage
  • Less reliance on nationwide grid power systems
  • Community awareness of resource use and waste
  • Strengthened and enhanced economic growth
  • Improved human psychological value



To create truly sustainable building, structures and communities you must use developers who understand this goal. LWPS certified companies have all passed rigorous testing and believe in the LWPS concept, using materials, techniques and designs all best suited to the project at hand.

LWPS offers consultation, project management services and more. Please contact us with your project ideas, community concerns, goals or simply any questions you may have.


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