Arizona has much to offer in regards to climate, lower taxes, reasonable legislation, property costs and opportunity for growth.

James Lazok CEO of Live Work Play Sustain is a Prescott Arizona Native and has extensive knowledge of Arizona community’s with over 33 years of business experience in relocating customers as well as commercial development, real estate purchases and all levels of commercial and residential construction to ensure your needs are met.

We understand that even if you have the desire to relocate your family and or business it is a complex process with many issues that need to be resolved. We strive to make relocation as simple and cost effective as possible. Whether it be just a personal move where you may be looking to purchase or build your own custom home or if you are looking to move your entire business, we can make it happen.

Specializing in relocating foreign households and families. Our team manages the visa process as well as legal requirements and related technical procedures.

Personal Relocation Services

  • Tours and Orientation
  • Manage visa applications and process
  • Legal requirements and form assistance
  • Real Estate Procurement Assistance
  • Moving and Shipping Management
  • Specialty New Home Construction or Remodeling
  • Local Community Integration
  • Local Service Provider Introductions

Business Relocation Services

  • Tours and Orientation
  • Real Estate Procurement Assistance
  • Moving and Shipping Management
  • City Bridge Agent / Ambassador
  • Commercial A General / B General Construction
  • Business Community Integration
  • Local Service Provider Introductions

Our management system oversees factors important to the quality of life to make your transition easier.

LIVE: This includes economic environment, schools and education, public services and transportation. We manage items such as public utilities, transportation and traffic congestion.

WORK: Finding a job that is easily commutable and can fit into a balanced family life, and locating basic support services such as opening a bank account.

PLAY: Which includes recreation (e.g. restaurants, theaters, cinemas, sports and leisure) housing and the natural environment.

SUSTAIN: There’s the affordability of your new location including salaries, cost of housing, household expenses, transport, taxes and schooling.

For extensive understanding of the services we can provide, please visit LIVE | WORK | PLAY | SUSTAIN.