Play is important to breed creativity, build families and community as well as mental health. Live | Work | Play | Sustain creates environments that allow for play to happen easily and safely. We achieve this by creating pathways that connect housing, shopping and commercial buildings and allow for free spaces to be reached by foot or bicycle. Letting people leave the car at home if they wish.

Playgrounds integrate seamlessly with waterways, ponds and lakes. Bridges and landscaping create environments that are both relaxing and inspirational, allowing for contemplation in certain areas, and giggles and shouts in others.

Beyond conventional ideas of play, LWPS creates focal points for relaxing all age groups. Promoting exercise of both the mind and body. Examples might be open fields, elevated viewing platforms, art pavilions, casual museums or historic learning sites.

Long term benefits of designing and creating playable LWPS communities are as follows:

  • Stronger connections among family generations
  • Less automobile and pedestrian conflicts
  • Noise abatement through open space
  • High real estate evaluations
  • Improved quality of life and health



To create truly playable building, structures and communities you must use builders who understand this goal. LWPS certified companies have all passed rigorous testing and believe in the LWPS concept, using materials, techniques and designs all best suited to theā€¦.


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