There should be more to life than just living it. Everyday should offer opportunity and create purpose for a community. Live | Work | Play | Sustain works to give exactly that to those who work with us. We create an environment that inspires caring, comradery, sharing and mutual respect.

LWPS combines work and play so those may “live” with less effort and stress. A connection with their community as the community reflects their desires, nature and wellness. A system that allows one to have the time to self reflect and improve instead of just mindlessly move forward with feelings of isolation.

Long term benefits of designing and creating live centered LWPS communities are as follows:

  • Reduced stress and isolation
  • Stronger community through individual and group mentality
  • Support networks and exercise initiatives
  • Mental wellness
  • Improved connections



To create truly live centered buildings, structures and communities you must use builders who understand this goal. LWPS certified companies have all passed rigorous testing and believe in the LWPS concept, using materials, techniques and designs all best suited to theā€¦.


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